Chris Macdonals

                                                                                                                                                                          His life started in 1938 with the confusions of war; was the family fleeing Dad or Hitler? A half-century of zig-zag followed. Engineer, labourer, soldier, clerk, craftsman, teacher and, finally, evolution and opportunity allowed the sculptor to emerge. This long gestation results in an art that crosses techniques, categories and generations to produce a unique meeting of vintage technology, craftsmanship and imagination.
Moving to Brighton in 1995 to a home with gallery and workshop confirmed and refined this passion. A substantial body of work has been carved and constructed and the time to re-launch has arrived.  Sculpture needs to be handled, its origins, technology and construction explained. My gallery is conveniently placed in central Brighton and clients are welcomed here. (Although delivery can, of course, be arranged).Please contact me for more information on viewing, available work, commissioning and buying.Most of my work is priced between £40 and £600.


In the gallery you will find examples of my past and present sculpture


In news you will find updates on what I’m currently working on.
If a piece you are interested in has been sold a similar pieces could be commissioned, subject to materials being available.

2 comments on “ABOUT

  1. Hi Chris,
    We met on Saturday at the gallery. I find your work absolutely captivating. I ve always loved, found and squirreled away (for a rainy day!) ‘Found Objects’ – some may call it hoarding but it
    so in a nutshell: may i come
    and visit sometime? I’m fairly flexible.
    With kind regards

    • Hello Conny,I sent a message ages ago -did you get it ? I said 3 pm most days is good. Be happy
      to show you my gallery, cheers ,chris

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